Latvian Cuisine

Latvian cooking was not merely "peasant" food, it was serf food! (As a general rule, Latvians were serfs until the early 1800's - except for eastern Latvia, where serf emancipation occurred several decades later.)

As a result, truly Latvian cooking:

Thus, a typical, truly Latvian, dish would be something like boiled black peas with small snippets of bacon (yum! ;-). Therefore, the recipes you will see here are the more interesting examples of Latvian cuisine, as influenced by surrounding cultures.

Latvian cuisine has been heavily influenced by German, Swedish, and Russian cuisine. You will, no doubt, see influences from each of these countries in the following recipes*.

*Most of these recipes came from my aunts, Mrs. Valentīna Blaubergs and Mrs. Vera Līcitis, my cousin (who prefers to remain anonymous), my sister Linda Bāliņš, or my stepmother, Mrs. Dzidra Šteinbergs. However, I also owe a debt of gratitude to a very helpful cookbook: Latvian Cooking, published in 1984, by the Ladies Auxilliary of the Latvian Relief Society of Canada, Inc., printed in Hamilton, Ontario by Campbell-Barry, Hamilton.

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